Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the beginning there was space and robots...

Andrew and Tommy's Drawing

In this picture...The large brown ship at the top is an "Earthquake Ship" which is attacking the space base. The two smaller ships are scouts which are protecting the Earthquake ship and also attacking the space base. The base is on a planet far outside our solar system and is powered by Alantean fire crystals.

The large robot in this picture is repelling an attack from all sides. The small triangular ships and the circular ships belong to warring factions of separate alien races.

The large craft in this image was built and operated by an alien and a robot who are friends and fly they're ship through the solar system. the spike on the front of the ship is their offensive weapon.

The crab ship and the small craft belong to an evil alien race. The medium sized ship is all robotic and utilizes its magnetic ring weapon to defeat its enemies.

Sean's Drawing

While on a deep exploration mission, the crew of the bubble dome ship encountered a type of space that they had never encountered before. It had torn apart space itself and was eating anything that it could come across.

The small dark bubbles are the crumbs left over after it had eaten a planet and the small planet the the moon next to it were to be it's next meal, until it saw the bubble dome craft.

As the space is eaten by the new type of space, it turns white, and the bubble dome craft and planet and it's moon will be a tasty meal.

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